Monday, November 25, 2013

So, blogging has been a no go the past several days because we have been busy, busy busy! It started on Thursday when we signed up for the rec center in Provo. We have now been 3 times and we are loving it! They have an awesome kids pool that the girls love, and Justin and I have worked out a system where I play with the girls in the pool while he works out and vice versa. Its a win win for us because they are wiped out after we go and we have both worked out! Hooray! My favorite part?  The fitness center overlooks the kiddie pool so I can watch them play while I get my cardio in. Who knew, I am really enjoying working out! My second favorite part is the wonderful feeling when I am done. I have accomplished something, I have had alone time... yes, there is no one requiring my attention which for me qualifies as alone time even though I am surrounded by people.

Other benefits?
reduced stress ( even on a rough day my mood lifts with a good work out)
family fun time
burnt calories
aching muscles ( the good kind)
a sense of achievement for meeting goals
and hopefully a new wardrobe with smaller sizes :)

So thankful for this wonderful, unexpected blessing.

Post Workout Smile

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